Building Experts in Auckland

Jay and Clint have been qualified and licensed builders since January 2014. We completed our apprenticeship together and have worked side by side for over 10 years.

We both share a vision to build beautiful custom homes in Auckland. In August 2016 we established DECA Construction to do just that.

How we work with you

  1. Get in touch
    Here we will give you a call to follow up your enquiry. An opportunity for us to get to know you and understand what it is that you want to achieve. We will ask detailed questions to make sure that we will be the right team for your project, we also encourage you to ask any questions that you may have which allows us to either help you or point you in the right direction.

  2. Meet in person
    Let’s get together and have a chat. We want to know everything - your ideas, dreams, plans, photos and even those pictures you decided to draw when you thought you might make it as an architect. During this time, we will let you know more about us, how we do things, which processes and systems we use to deliver a stress-free project. You will leave this meeting with a plan on how we will build your dream home. This includes pricing, timeframes, design process, materials, management of your project, council consents and your budget

    Consents, Concepts, Design and Working Drawings

  3. Concept Drawing - The transformation process.
    The stage at which all your dreams get put to paper, the drawing of the concept involves a lot of interaction and communication as it is key that we design at a project that is going to suit your family and a home you can be proud of. Its almost certain that during the Concept stage you will make plenty of changes which is why we like to interact with you and your design team throughout this process.

  4. Working Drawings and Consent.
    Once we have a concept that entails all the dreams and features you want out of a home. Your Architect will then develop the working drawings. At this stage you will have hold in your excitement as we apply for Building Consent with your local Authority.

  5. Pricing/Quote
    Once we receive working drawings and documents from the Architect, we will be able to start pricing your project using our custom pricing systems. You will then be presented with an in-depth quote detailing specific parts of your project. If you have any queries, please don’t be shy to ask. This usually takes a few weeks as we contact our preferred local suppliers such as Placemakers, Mico plumbing. We want to ensure your price is accurate and as complete as possible so there are no surprises or budget blow outs.

  6. Contracts
    Once we have agreed on a price. You will receive a copy of the Deca Homes full Build Building Contract. We will also ask you to sign our personal Deca Homes Guarantee. This means our relationship stays as professional as possible and we each have a clear foundation sorted out if anything out of our control happens during the build process.

  7. We Will now Build your home
    "Building Together” … To make sure we are in this together, communication will be essential to making sure we keep your project running to schedule. The job schedule will be constantly updated and available to you. We also encourage you to use our latest communication Software in which you will be able to see all important details of your project including up to date photos should you wish to share them with your friends and family. We will also induct onto site where we will make you aware of our Health and Safety Procedures and Site-Specific Safety Plan. Which then allows us to bring you on site for our weekly site visits.

  8. Code of Compliance/Handover
    Before you know it, your home will be complete. The team at Deca Homes will personally invite you to a comprehensive walk through of your new home to address any details that you think may need attention. We will then present all the documentation needed to pass the Code of Compliance final inspection.

Once your home has received its complimentary commercial clean we are now ready for you to move in and start enjoying your beautiful new home. We will be there to personally hand over the keys and deliver you a personalised gift to show you how much building your home "together" has meant to us.

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